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As petroleum producers keep a watchful eye on spending, preventing unplanned expenses makes good business sense. And to fulfill audit requirements, keeping your analyzer’s calibration certificate current is a necessity.

To keep your analyzer running at peak performance, Phase Technology recommends a regularly scheduled, routine maintenance and operation inspection performed by one of our technicians.

Maintaining an up-to-date calibration certificate for your Phase Technology analyzer provides necessary documentation that gives you proof of calibration for quality audits and traceability to respected ASTM standards.

To better understand why proper maintenance and current recertification are important, read this FAQ.

Maintenance & Recertification Options

Phase Technology's North American customers can choose one of two ways to receive annual Maintenance and Recertification of Calibration Service:

In areas outside of North America, Phase Technology customers can choose from these options:

Contact us for further information or to schedule Maintenance & Recertification Service for your lab.

What's Included in Maintenance & Recertification Service

Maintenance Services, whether on-site or at our service center, include:

Both on-site and Service Center Recertification include:

On-Site Preventive Maintenance & Recertification

With Preventive Maintenance, a Phase Technology trained technician comes to your lab facility, avoiding the need to return your analyzer to our factory. Nothing could be faster, easier or more painless!

Preventive Maintenance Service also verifies and recertifies the calibration of your analyzer to confirm that it is in compliance and performing within specification.

Phase Technology Preventive Maintenance & Recertification helps you:

Download or print a brochure with more information: Preventive Maintenance Service

Service Center Scheduled Maintenance & Recertification

If On-Site Preventive Maintenance is unavailable, Phase Technology recommends that all analyzers have an annual maintenance at our factory. Customers can schedule this service in advance.

We can help you in preparing any necessary paperwork to ship your analyzer back to us. When we receive your instrument, we perform a thorough maintenance and assessment, notifying you of any the necessary repairs we encounter. We then verify your calibration and recertify before shipping back to you.

Should you need a service rental analyzer in the meantime, we are happy to make the necessary arrangements to ensure that your lab remains up and running.

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Learn More:

Preventive Maintenance Service [pdf]

Calibration, Recertification & Maintenance FAQ [pdf]

Our Customers Say:

“Your Preventive Maintenance service is a real time-saver for a busy lab like ours. It ensures we’re in-spec with the ASTM methods and gives us the proof of calibration we need. Your technicians were professional and courteous. They provided us with tips on keeping our unit up and running in between annual services. Great job guys!”

David McDonald
Instrumentation Manager
Intertek Caleb Brett

“Talk about convenience! We just had Phase Technology perform Preventive Maintenance on our autosampler analyzers. Their technician gave them a thorough check-up and replaced some components. Now we can rest assured that we won’t have disruptions in our workflow and our test results will be consistent and repeatable.”

Steve Focken
Senior Chemist
ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence
Total Petrochemicals USA, Inc