Phase Technology’s 70Xi series online analyzers optimize your refining process with fast, reliable, real-time testing of product streams. With the benefit of process control, you can be closer to specifications to maximize the yield of high-value products and reduce giveaway.

Including a dedicated process analyzer in your refinery’s flow from distillation lets you get quicker test results with better ASTM reproducibility. Online analyzers are a smart investment to ensure that quality control is tight at every step of the refining process.

Phase Technology online analyzer systems are ruggedly built for continuous, uninterrupted measurement. Their robust, explosion proof construction means you can rely on them to operate in even the most extreme and hazardous conditions.



  • Trusted ASTM Methods
    High precision, ASTM test methods – uses same pour, cloud and freeze measurement techniques found in Phase Technology laboratory analyzers
  • Minimum Maintenance – Easy Service
    The 70Xi series online system requires minimal ongoing maintenance. Its unique module design makes it easy for technicians to “swap out” parts as needed. Each module is field-replaceable, requiring no special tools. All analyzer activities can be monitored and controlled remotely from a PC in another location, away from the online system.
  • Highly Effective Sample Conditioning
    Phase Technology's process analyzers include Aquanot™. a sophisticated sample conditioning system capable of filtering samples with high particulates and water content. It effectively removes particulates, free water, dissolved water and delivers sample volumes adequate for most gasoline/naphtha and distillate stream on-line analyzers. High precision, ASTM methods – uses the same, well-trusted pour, cloud and freeze measurement techniques found in Phase Technology laboratory analyzers.


  • Fast analysis cycle time of 3-12 minutes per stream
  • Fully automated; intelligent self-cleaning mechanism
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use touch-screen interface
  • Effective, very efficient elimination of free water and removal of particles — patented Aquanot™ sample conditioning and 2-level moisture control
  • Light weight, Compact size allows easy, flexible wall mount options
  • Integrated cooling system – no external chiller required
  • Modular design makes internal parts easy and quick to replace; no special tools required
  • Extensive, built-in diagnostic tests; remote diagnostics can be performed via ethernet, serial port or phone line
  • User-programmable cycle time and calibration sample frequency
  • Ruggedly built for continuous, uninterrupted measurement
  • Hazardous area ratings: Class I, Division 2, Groups C, D certification available.


Cloud Point
Monitor the cloud point of the diesel stream coming from the crude distillation unit. Close control of the cloud point allows you to reduce the amount of kerosene which must be used to product specification heating oil during the winter.

Freeze Point
Monitor the freeze point of naphtha or kerosene streams coming from the distillation unit. Close control of freeze point helps you maximize yield of high-priced products.

Pour Point
Monitor the pour point of the diesel stream from the crude distillation unit. Close control of pour point allows you to decrease the amount of kerosene which must be added to produce specification product during the wintertime, or adjust the amount of kerosene to be added to higher-priced jet fuel feeds.



Pour Point

ASTM D5949
Cloud Point ASTM D5773
Freeze Point ASTM D5972

(Reproducibility is not relevant for online applications)

Pour Point

  2.0 ºC
Cloud Point   0.5 ºC
Freeze Point   0.5 ºC


0 (relative to ASTM manual methods)


-75ºC to 65ºC


3 -10 minutes per test


User programmable
Minimum 4 minutes


Pour Point:

1 ºC - 5 ºC resolution
Cloud Point: 0.1 ºC resolution
Freeze Point: 0.1 ºC resolution


Diffusive Light Scattering (DLS) technology
(over 25 patents)

COOLING SYSTEM Integrated Peltier device cooling system
DISPLAY Full-color, touch-sensitive, 10.4” high resolution LCD touch screen
TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT ºC or ºF (User selectable)
INTERNAL MEMORY Storage up to 10,000 test runs
  Minimum Maximum
Temperature 3 ºC higher than cloud or freeze point 40 ºC
Pressure Atmospheric 1” water column above local atmosphere
Humidity No limitation (low humidity preferred) No limitation (low humidity preferred)
(W X D X H)
Analyzer Unit: 26 x 13 x 20 inches
66 x 33 x 51 cm
Sample Conditioning Unit: 24 x 6 x 12 inches
61 x 15 x 31 cm
WEIGHT Analyzer Unit: 93 lbs (42 kg)
Sample Conditioning Unit: 31 lbs (15 kg)
UTILITY REQUIREMENTS Electrical: 90 – 264 VAC,
47 – 63 Hz 430 watts
Purge Air/Nitrogen: Flow: 12 scfh Inlet Pressure: 60-120 psig
External Cooler Bath: NONE



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“It’s important for us to maintain consistent quality at every point of the refining process. That’s why we use Phase Technology analyzers throughout our company in various locations. Our business depends upon the accuracy of the results. For reliability, Phase Technology is our instrument of choice..”

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